Spectrum Print & the Earthquake

Spectrum Print (Christchurch) has been part of the Blue Star network since 2008. They have a longstanding reputation for impeccable quality, onto-it service and the best people in the local print market.

Following the September 2010 (first) earthquake, Spectrum's presses were down for 10 days, the balance of the Blue Star companies shared the load, the contingency plans performed well - a good story.

But the deadly February 2011 quake was a whole different picture... here is how the Spectrum Print team tell the story:

'The quake hit at 12.51pm, Tuesday 22/2/11. We were in full production.

Our factory ground to a sudden halt, it was immediately inoperable, with floors ruptured & liquefaction everywhere. The staff dispersed urgently to care for family/friends.

The Spectrum site was too badly damaged to return to, and we never have.

We shifted a core production team temporarily to Wellington, and Spectrum was run from Format Print during March 2011. All work-in-progress was shipped to Wellington for finishing.

No clients were left high & dry - all Spectrum work was delivered. We're proud of that.

Our Blue Star sister companies were fantastic, every site weighed in to help.

We also ran work at other Christchurch print shops, and had Spectrum staff deployed around the city press-passing the work to ensure Spectrum standards.

All Spectrum staff were retained on full pay, with those not required being released to assist with food distribution in Christchurch via 0800HUNGRY.

Those Spectrum families who lost their houses were shouted an offshore holiday, courtesy of the company. Small gesture, but appreciated at the time.

Our Heidelberg A1 SM102 press had to be shipped to Kuala Lumpur for refurbishment. We became a 'virtual' printer - with customers & sales staff, but no press power.

Unfortunately by July 2011, Spectrum had no choice but to make production positions redundant, having paid all staff for six months.

We were able however, to support local South island printers, spending over $3mill across 18 months after the quake.

Over the time since then we've been based in three different office locations, retaining a core of 8-9 staff, servicing our clients by utilising Blue Star's national network.

And finally - the great news - we're reestablishing our production footprint in Christchurch, as Spectrum Print, from September 2013.

We'll be based at 6 Mary Muller Drive, Heathcote, sharing a large print-specific facility with sister company Kiwi Labels.

Offset, toner & ink jet - the 'new' Spectrum will have a wider basket of print capabilities than ever before.

Thank you to our loyal customers who have stayed the distance. Thank you to our loyal staff who have stuck at it, despite a very trying 30 months.'

The team at Spectrum Print

Click Here for Spectrum Press Release 21.08.2013