Blue Star Print Management Portal

Blue Star Works Print Management Portal is a set of online tools that has been developed across 15 years, specifically for the use of our print management customers.

Designed to provide an efficient, streamlined approach, the Works Portal facilitates best practice management of digital assets and outputs.

Customised and skinned to user preferences, the Portal provides a single, secure access point for quotes, production, print collateral, ordering, images, billing information and business intelligence reporting.

Portal data and information is transparent and real time - available to view, download or action at any time.

Projects on the Go

Visibility of all projects
View, search and edit projects
Add new projects
Request project quotes
Review and Update
Search for, store & manage project files
Upload files

Quotes on the Go

Visibility of all print quotes
View, search for & review quotes
Sort by status
View comments
Action existing quotes
Request a new quote
Upload files

Jobs on the Go

Visibility of all production
View, search for & review print jobs
Sort by status
View Delivery Details, Invoices, Workflow
Access Notes / Comments
Download WIP & historic reports
Upload files

Product Database

Visibility of all print collateral
View and search for products
Sort by status
View product specifications, version history & annotations
View usage & batches on hand
Action Reorders
Edit Product Owners
Download product PDF's & activity reports

Inventory Catalogue

Efficient online ordering
Custom built user specific catalogues
Approval links where required
Maximum and minimum order quantities
Access to order histories
Order Delivery Track and Trace
Order Proof of Delivery

Works Now - Print on Demand

Template based ordering
Custom built user specific catalogues
Enter data into pre-approved templates
Upload PDF for one-off products
Choose from list of product specs
Save files for future use
Online PDF proofs for approval


Visibility of all accounts
View and Search
Filter by type - Invoice, Credit Note, Receipt
Filter by status - live or dead
Print Invoices & Credit Notes
Make payments online

Digital Assets

Visibility of all digital assets
Store and manage image and text files
Search for and view assets by type or folder
Access previous file versions
Search within all content for specific text
Upload files

Data Mine

Access to real time dashboard reports
Download reports in Excel, PowerPoint, csv or HTML

  • Production
  • Products
  • Activity
  • Performance
  • Sustainability
  • Billing

Make payments online

For a demo of the Blue Star Portal:


General Manager
Michelle Hill
Mobile: +64 27 220 2567


Group General Manager
Peter Ward
Mobile: +64 27 452 5515