BSP Holdings Limited

In January 2013, Blue Star's New Zealand businesses were acquired by Tom Sturgess & Mercury Capital.

The assets are held in a parent company called BSP Holdings Limited.

Tom Sturgess, previously a majority owner of Blue Star up until 2007, also owns an industrial group named Tiri, and has pastoral agricultural holdings under Lone Star Farms.

Mercury Capital No. 1 Fund, with committed capital of A$120 million, has partnered with Tom Sturgess as Blue Star's owners. The Directors of Mercury Capital are well-known New Zealanders Clark Perkins, Craig Heatley, Geoff Ricketts & Tom Sturgess.

The new owners bring to Blue Star a strong and appropriate capital structure, including significant working capital facilities, to support future growth.

BSP Holdings Limited

Registered Office 1-37 Mount Wellington Highway
PO Box 14349, Auckland 1741, New Zealand

BSP Holdings Directors - Tom Sturgess (Executive Chairman), Clark Perkins (Mercury), Ben Hawter (Mercury) & Russell Hewitt (Independent).

BSP Holdings CFO - Rob Astley