Environment & Sustainability

Blue Star is passionate and active in our pursuit of best practice sustainability and environmental practices. We consider this an essential part of our market leadership.

Clear Skies is Blue Star's multi-dimensional sustainability program. Whilst the scope and depth of Clear Skies is expanding as Blue Star continues to grow, our guiding sustainability principle remains constant. This principle is "to make the right decisions and to take the right actions to improve the social and environmental wellbeing of our people, our customers and the communities where we live and work".

Currently, Clear Skies has five key areas of activity, which are described below.

Environmental Management Systems

Blue Star's production operations across New Zealand all have very strong environmental management systems. This includes a comprehensive program of environmental accreditations.

Each Blue Star facility has been audited and certified according to the leading industry standards for sourcing paper from well-managed forests. As a result, we offer customers access to a wide range of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and Program for Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC) certified stocks.

Our environmental management systems help to drive efficiency of resource usage, especially energy, water, paper and other manufacturing inputs. All Blue Star facilities utilise modern production technology to drive energy efficiency and we have numerous projects underway to reduce electricity consumption and to drive improved carbon productivity.

We have implemented a comprehensive program of recycling in our businesses and we have also rolled out monitored waste minimisation and reduction programs. We reduce chemical waste through the distillation process and some of our facilities harvest rainwater for re-use. As our environmental management systems develop further, we are driving continuous improvement in the efficiency of resource usage across our Group.


Blue Star employs more than 900 people across New Zealand. We value their diversity and their individual contribution towards building a sustainable and successful future.

Investing in our people is a critical part of Clear Skies. We have a number of programs aimed at improving the diversity of our staff, further developing skills and qualifications and sourcing talented graduates and apprentices for our Group.

Our manufacturing heritage has instilled a strong focus on health and safety across our Group. We have robust training programs, governance and reporting to ensure that we provide safe and well-functioning workplaces for all staff.

The strength of our development and training programs is reflected in the longevity of our staff - over half of our people have been with us for more than five years and one in six has worked for us for more than twelve years.

Carbon Productivity

Blue Star is committed to becoming the industry leader in carbon productivity. This means we are driving year-on-year improvements in the carbon efficiency of our operations by rolling out real projects in our domestic markets. Our carbon productivity commitment is based on delivering real information to our customers and achieving real change.

As part of this commitment, we have started to roll out the industry's leading carbon emissions measurement and reporting program. This gives our customers a fully customised view of the CO2 footprint for every produced item. Our measurements are based on real data from our manufacturing operations and supply chains. Importantly, all operational greenhouse gas emissions measurements independently verified by leading sustainability consultants.

We have already made meaningful improvements in our carbon productivity by rationalising real estate and decommissioning inefficient production technology the last two years. This has resulted in reduced carbon emissions from electricity consumption by more than 1,000 tonnes per year. There are more major carbon productivity initiatives just around the corner.

Community Involvement

Our Clear Skies community involvement program has a simple goal - to give back to the communities in which we live and work. Whether that's through supporting our local sporting teams, charities, schools or community organisations...they are all equally important in keeping our local communities and our countries vibrant.

Blue Star has a proud history of supporting not-for-profit organisations. Our key areas of support are in heath, education, sports and the arts. More information on the current list of charities and community organisations we are supporting can be found here.

Sustainable Business Models

As one of the largest print and communications companies in our region, we take our contribution towards the future of the industry very seriously. We are investing in new technology and building the capabilities necessary to lead the next generation of print and communications solutions.

Importantly, we recognise that marketing and communications is not just about print. Our customers are dealing with more and more communication channels everyday - from print to email, social networking, websites, viral marketing, personalised urls, traditional mail, eBooks, outdoor... the list keeps growing. Helping our customers to achieve the right mix is critical for driving improved return on investment.

However, we believe that printed media will continue to make up an important part of the future communications landscape. We also believe that printed media is an inherently sustainable form of communication. In New Zealand, we are a key contributor to the Part of Life campaign.

For us, an important part of a sustainable future is building a business to help our customers profit from the changing communications landscape. In doing so, we are also building a secure and exciting future for our most important asset - our people.

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