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Monday, 1 June 2015

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Sales Academy class - Print Brands Wellington

In June 2015, Blue Star launched the Blue Star Sales Academy. This is a 16 month, module based programme running from June 2015 through to August 2016.

Based on a programme used in the ICT industry, the Blue Star Sales Academy has been recognised by the Sales Executive Council, the world's leading authority on best-practice. The content has been subsequently customised for the print sector, and specifically to Blue Star.

This is our opportunity to invest in the skills and careers of our sales personnel - by helping them become more successful and earn more, we gain the benefit of having employees who stay with the company longer.

Fifty sales staff from our network throughout New Zealand are enrolled in the Sales Academy. The intention is to provide them with a set of best-practice tools and concepts, to assist in growing and optimising client bases, and thus deliver to our clients a richer sales experience by dealing with engaged, systematic and focused Blue Star personnel.

The Academy is split into four streams - Print Brands Auckland, Print Brands Wellington, Works Auckland and Works Wellington. This allows for some common modules, and some that are specific to either Print Brands or Works.

All four streams finish with each participant making a presentation to a CEO Panel in July 2016. Delegates who successfully complete all relevant modules, use the tools/routines in practice, gain GM sign-off on each, and who successfully present to the CEO Panel, will graduate in August 2016.

The programme is run by Paul Matthews and John Woodyard, who ran the Gen-i Sales Academy for several years, and have since gone into business as fulltime sales coaches and trainers.